Terpenes [Ter-Peens] are scents. Well, they are more than scents…but in the most pared down of definitions, they are scents. Every plant on earth has a scent; and so therefore every cannabis plant has its own scent. A decade ago, this term meant little to the average cannabis consumer, but in this day and age, Terpenes are very important! Terpenes are one of the most cherished aspects of a cannabis plant. 

Terpenes are sold as concentrated extracts of cannabis plants that can be added to salves, oils, and other CBD products. These terpenes can be categorized by smell, flavor, and reported effects. 


Many hemp and cannabis consumers can use their nose to interpret terpenes. Different strains might be categorized as citrusy, creamy, floral, grassy, and more. There are more than 200 different known terpenes. The catch is most of the terpenes found in cannabis are also found in others plants, therefore creating the opportunity to mis-label and not correctly market terpenes. What you think might be extracted from cannabis, might be a similar terpene extracted from a similar plant.


Our goal at www.kygirlcbd.com is to not only provide Northern Kentucky with high quality CBD products, but it is also important for us to educate our customers and clients. We seek to protect CBDoil consumers from false or misleading advertising. Our CBD products have naturally occurring terpenes, no synthetic ones are added. Stop in to our Burlington, KY store to learn more about the naturally occurring terpenes in our products and how they can benefit you!