About our Product

At Ky Girl Hemp, we have all experienced the benefits of using hemp oil. That is why we started the company and why we are proud to distribute Ky’s Best Hemp products—from hemp sustainably grown in Kentucky by Kentucky farmers. Kentucky’s soil, weather and water are perfect for producing nutrient rich hemp, free from chemicals and pesticides.

From this high-quality hemp, we extract the CBD using the safe, clean and environmentally friendly supercritical CO2 method.  Our products are verified, both internal as well as external independent third-party laboratory certificates of analysis. This is a required step to ensure that the label is in compliance with FDA regulations.

About CBD

CBD stands for cannabidiol (CBD) which is found mainly in extractions from the hemp plant. Typically CBD is sold in oils, gummies, gels and more. Ingesting CBD products can for some have positive medical benefits to the body, including relief from inflammation, pain, anxiety, psychosis, seizures and many severe medical conditions. You won’t get high from CBD, but you may fail a drug test, especially if it is a urine test that includes THC levels.  If you have concerns we do offer a THC free product.

Healing from plants has been around since the beginning of time. We only have begun to harness hemps powers to relieve and support the body’s natural systems. Everyone is different and will be affected differently.

Many people have had relief with:

Anxiety           Depression
Arthritis          ADHD/ADD
Migraines       PTSD
Dementia       Parkinson
Seizures          Psoriasis
Menopause    Sleep

About the KY Girl

Growing up on a cattle and tobacco farm as a semi-feral child running through the fields barefoot, half covered with poison ivy, chicken poop between my toes; I didn’t realize there was any other way of living. Farming was hard; feeding the cattle, working in the garden or in the crops. I couldn’t wait to be more modern and leave home. The lure of the big city (Cincinnati) reeled me in.

I soon learned it wasn’t as glamorous as I thought it would be and the food tasted awful! Nothing like the farm fresh beef and vegetables I had grown up with.

So, I started a very successful urban agriculture/ garden business, specializing in roof gardens, food gardens, wildlife habitat, therapy gardens and rainwater harvesting. Along the way, I picked up an alphabet of accreditations after my name and will sometimes teach university students sustainable horticulture. It will continue to be my passion, connecting people with nature. Funny, turns out I am farming in the city! You just can’t deny those values and skills that are instilled in you from birth. We still own that family farm in Kentucky although the garden is smaller and the cattle are fewer, it’s still home.

I began using CBD for my arthritis, but the benefits that came along with that were a game changer for me. Not only has it reduce my inflammation, but also has boosted my energy, reduced my stress, lowered my blood pressure and helped me sleep. Now that’s something to be passionate about!


We only use hemp that was grown under organic conditions. Pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides are never applied to any of our crops. In addition we only use farm plots which have been pre-screened to ensure no heavy metals are present in the soil.


We use supercritical CO2 because it is safer and more environmentally friendly than other extraction methods. This is the safest and cleanest way to extract


We verify all product formulations with both internal as well as external independent third-party laboratory certificates of analysis. This is a required step to ensure that the label is in compliance with FDA regulations. We want to ensure that all products have the ingredients that are on the label.