Hello! So far it has been a fantastic summer of meeting new and loyal customers at our store and local farmers markets. Because CBD is a relatively new product and concept, we often receive questions regarding our products. Is this right for me? Which one should i consider? What is the right dosage? Let’s take a moment and discuss some of the more common topics of conversation.

“What’s The Difference?”

Shopping for a product you’re not familiar with is like ordering at a restaurant that features exotic international cuisine; without some guidance there is no telling what will end up on your plate! Questions about product selection are common, even from our loyal customers. At KY Girl Hemp we carry three types of product: full spectrum, broad spectrum, and distillate. 

Full spectrum CBD extract contains a full profile of beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis plant. Sometimes referred to as “whole plant CBD”, full spectrum will contain trace amounts of THC. While this amount is not enough to induce intoxication, it can result in a positive drug test.

Broad spectrum products (or as I like to say, “THC-Free”) contain the same cannabinoid benefits as full spectrum but without the THC. For our customers subject to drug testing, this is a practical alternative to full spectrum products.

Our distillate products take that same full spectrum oil and distill it or as I like to say, “take the green out”. The flavor of hemp can be off-putting to some. Removing the chlorophyll and some of the terpenes helps to eliminate that hemp flavor. This also makes it easier to add a more desirable flavor while also maintaining the same level of CBD.

Our tip is: Full spectrum is the best choice if you can find a flavor you like and are not subject to testing!

Check out our extensive lineup of Kentucky-grown CBD products; from oils and edibles to lotions and bath bombs at https://www.kygirlcbd.com/. Buy Kentucky, support Kentucky!