You know the old joke that people say to new, struggling parents? The one about ‘Don’t you wish there was a manual for that thing?’ in regards to the cute little baby that has so many unknowns in it’s care schedule? Well… that *bad* joke could also be applied to adults using CBD oil!


While there is copious amounts of research, anecdotal evidence, and knowledgeable business owners who have years of experience, there is no one stop shop manual for dosing CBD oil.

Why? Because everybody…literally everybody’s BODY is so different. Everyone metabolizes CBD differently. While 10 milligrams may work for one person, it may not be enough for someone else who weighs the same amount. Everyone is different!


Because of the variances in experiences, we’re here to offer some suggestions and guidance on how to best find the perfect dose for your needs. There are two basic principles that we believe must be in place before you can fiddle with dosage numbers. 

  1. A Trusted Supplier:  We encourage you to start a relationship with whomever supplies your CBD oil. A relationship that is educational and informative. If the person supplying your CBD oil can’t answer questions or isn’t knowledgeable about the product, the recommended dosage, or CBD oil properties and uses… it’s time to get your CBD oil elsewhere. Purchasing your CBD oil from a reputable and trusted source is an implied warranty for information and concerns; don’t underestimate the invaluable resource your CBD oil provider is! While purchasing CBD elsewhere can be convenient, the end result will leave you in isolation with nowhere to turn with questions.
  2. Keeping Track: We recommend keeping track of your dosages and their effects in a journal so that you can see patterns, trends, and form your own conclusions about your body’s needs and cycles. Keeping track in written form will help you provide personal evidence when trying to determine the best product and dosage for you, but it is likely to holistically improve other aspects of your life….you might be more encouraged to track what you eat, your sleep patterns, your exercise? Consider purchasing a cheap calendar or day planner as those will already have the time, day, and visual clarity to help you track your experiences. 


Knowing your CBD oil supplier and keeping track of your personal CBD oil experience are two essential tenets of CBD oil use. Without committing to these tenets, you are likely to waste money on impure products, ignore unanswered questions, and not have a firm grip on your body’s needs. 

KY Girl Hemp is the trusted and reputable CBD oil supplier you need. The owners and staff are committed to educating and empowering each client in their CBD oil journey. When you choose KY Girl Hemp as your sole provider for CBD oil products, you are partnering with years of experience and the willingness to see you holistically healthy and living your best life. Visit for more information and to start your CBD journey!